About Us

Scare Productions is a registered 501(c)3 charity and is 100% non-profit. We are a completely volunteer-run organization. Scare provides education and training in the areas of set design, acting, carpentry, SFX Make-up application, and more. Our focus is on haunted attractions, but we also support other theatrical events.


In 1982, a group of veteran haunters formed Scare Productions, a non-profit theatrical group. They created a haunted attraction to raise money for charity while being a place for teens and adults to be creative together.

Searchlights drew up to 5,000 people a night to this annual haunt in the city of Des Moines, Washington. In 2004 the city decided to renovate the building that housed the haunt. Scare found a temporary home as a mall show in 2004, helped various local haunts in 2005, and officially joined Nightmare at Beaver Lake in 2006.

Nightmare at Beaver Lake in Sammamish drew over 15,000 patrons a year and raised over $1.5 million. Scare’s partner, the Rotary Club of Sammamish, was able to benefit many local and global organizations and provided local scholarships. Unfortunately, 2019 was its last year as the pandemic caused a shutdown of the park.

Currently, Scare Productions is helping school theatrical productions and is keeping its vast collection of props, wardrobe, lighting, etc. accessible as we look for new opportunities to bring communities together.